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Easy as 1.2.3...

Getting your favorite sermon CD’s/DVD’s into book form has never been easier. Here's how it works...

1. Transcription

If your audio sermons are on your website, CD, or DVD, you can send them to us, and we'll be happy to convert them to digital format and transcribe them into manuscript format. We have found that the anointing is flowing to a greater degree in a service than it is when we may purposely sit down to pen a book. We prefer to transcribe sermon cd’s because we find great treasures and nuggets of revelation that tends to be pulled out of ministers when they are in front of people that are pulling on their gift.

2. Manuscript

Once the transcripts are completed, we'll adjust paragraph breaks where needed, add sub-headings, etc. to turn the transcripts into a basic manuscript. You'll change specific names to fictitious names when necessary to protect the identity of friends and relatives. 

You'll also add a little here and delete a little there and make other changes as needed to better communicate your original sermon points in written form. Next to writing and preaching the sermons in the first place, this is your most important step in the process. The more you do in this step, the less the editors have to do, and the more money you save. For many pastors, this is also the most intimidating part of the process because they think, “I'm a preacher...not a writer. I'm not sure I can do this.” If that describes you, don't worry! Once you're done revising the transcripts into a rough draft manuscript, our experienced editors will help you. We will help you turn all your hard work into a polished manuscript.

3. ​Publish

We take care of the rest of the process of turning your sermons into a book. We will help you come up with a title. We will also assist you with your book's cover design, copyright, ISBN and bar code, and help you register your book with Books in Print and the Library of Congress. Our Expanded Distribution Program can even help you sell your book on Amazon, Google Book Preview, and other big box retailers.

Service Offerings
CD/DVD Duplication, Marketing Materials, Publishing, Graphic Design, Recording and Mastering and Other Services... (See Pastor's Program PDF for a more detailed list of services.) 

Marketing Design Pack
Your marketing materials when branded, designed and executed effectively should give a picture of who you are and how you can benefit the customer.
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For more information ​about GATEWAY PRESS please contact: 
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A Divison of Gateway International Bible Institute
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