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For degree seeking students:

     • Start by filling out the Student Application Form (Click to Download)

     • Pastoral Recommendation Form (Click to Download)​​


        or you can pick up any forms for enrollment at the GIBI office.


You may download electronic fill-in versions of the forms below:

     • Student Application Fill-In Form (Click to Download)

     • Pastoral Recommendation Fill-In Form (Click to Download)


Determine if you qualify for advanced standing. Students with prior practical experience or educational credit may qualify for advanced standing.

Please refer to the GIBI Catalog for more information. (Click to Download)

Please refer to the Course List for the current GIBI curriculum. (Click to Download) 

Gateway International Bible Institute offers several degrees, all tailored to meet the educational and spiritual needs of our students.  The process for registration through graduation are as follows:

Entrance and Registration

Determine what GIBI program will meet your educational goals. If you are a degree seeking student or a non-degree seeking student (auditor), inquire about our correspondence courses, online, YouTube, and Zoom courses. If you reside in the Phoenix area, you are invited to attend our LIVE corporate classes that are held weekly on the GIBI campus.

GIBI's curriculum is designed to be as affordable to our students as possible.  The current tuition rate starts as low as $70.00 per credit hour.  Other fees may also apply.  Please refer to the GIBI Catalog or (click here) to determine discounted costs for the degree program you wish to pursue.​


Once your application and other forms are processed, we will call to arrange an appointment with the Administrator of the college, and discuss your degree program further.  If you are outside the Phoenix area, call the GIBI office to make alternate arrangements via phone, or Zoom meeting.

Office hours are Tuesday—Wednesday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Thursday 1 PM to 8 PM.

For any other inquiries please contact the office at:


Mailing Address :

P.O. Box 957, Peoria, AZ 85380

Phone: 480-323-9831


First Steps for Admissions at Gateway International Bible Institute
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